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  • Professional Firearm Training

About Us

Mission Statement

As professional instructors it is our duty and responsibility that you are not only trained properly but experience a safe and enjoyable time. We always keep in mind that teaching is only rewarding when the students skills improve. We hope that students will continue this experience and become NRA members, capable not only of defending themselves but their family and friends. Our main objective for each student is to teach safe gun handling and use to avoid gun accidents.

U.S. Training Group is now holding weekday classes twice a month for dates please email

Special Summer Deal

$145.00 for a $350.00 course. This deal includes 1 hour safety course with the MILO System (check out videos on site) in Burlingame and then 3 hours live fire at the range. This deal applies to all the course. The discounted price does not include ammunition and range fees.

To register for a course to email

To sign up for classes call 650-225-9981

Firearms Training

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Surrounding Cities

We are a new firearms training company formed by NRA instructors with many years of training experience. We strongly believe, because of the ever-changing climate, that it is every person’s right to protect themselves and their family.

Our Firearm Professionals


As professional instructors it is our duty and responsibility that you are not only trained properly but experience a safe and enjoyable time. We always keep in mind that teaching is only rewarding when the students skills improve.

Bill Edenson


Harold Johnson


Phil Chachere


Rod Chin

Firearm Instructor

Student Reviews of U.S. Training Group


  • If you’re at all interested in firearms, this is a great way to get started. Prior to taking these courses, my only firearm experience was firing a pistol in a friend’s backyard.

    Bo - 8/4/2013
  • Bill and Harold were very professional, patiently repeated instructions, friendly, reassuring, and all about safety.   They explained what I was looking at, what to do, not to do, corrected my grip, made recommendations for my improvement and provide everything that you need — just show up.

  • Harold is very knowledgable, patient, and is a good coach over your shoulder. I have been a shooter off/on for 18 years and have the belief that you can always learn something new.

    Kasey H. - 6/29/2013

Courses that we offer

Classes and Training Videos



Holiday Special Offers

MILO Range Training Simulator

US Training Group and Gold Mountain Training Consortium are proud to be the FIRST !!! in Northern California/ SF Bay area able to offer our students the opportunity to have the option to train on the MILO Range  Training Simulator, a dynamic, innovative , interactive, reality based scenario training experience that allows students the training opportunity to practice “ Use of Force and /or Level of Decisions” while being confronted with a wide variety of threats were the final outcome will be varied and based on the decisions a student(s) has made. 

In the future all classes will include a 30 minute demo. at no extra charge and in the future classes, the Milo Range Simulator will be added when possible to maximize and improve the “ Interactive-Dynamic Classroom” training experience presented to students.  

                    Reality Based Scenario Interactive-Dynamic

               Firearms Training w/ “REAL TIME” Decision Making                                   

  • Level of Force
  • “Instant Replay”
  • Decision Making
  • Debriefing Training Format
  • Use of Force
  • Marksmanship
  • Decision Making
  • Skills Practice
  • Verbal Skill
  • Reloading/Movement Building
  • Skill building/practice
  • Threat Assessment
  • Situational Awareness
  • Awareness /Skill Building
  • Confidence building
  • Shot Placement/Reaction
  • Varied Drills, Targets,# threats
  • Time Skills practice
  • scenery- training options – etc

Firearm Training time maximized w/o the TRADITIONAL AMMO EXPENSE!!!!!!

The Milo Firearms Simulator Training System allows a student the   training option be able to “Debrief” and to observe “instant replay” with a instructor of the consequences of the “decisions they made during a training scenario, thus allowing for immediate training feedback and the opportunity for a student(s) to be able to improve their Firearms Safety Awareness, Confidence / Decision Making and Firearms skills with continued practice on a Firearms Simulator WITHOUT the AMMUNITION COSTS!! or TRAINING LIMITATIONS!!  (For reasons of safety, of a traditional Shooting Range) 


<> Interactive Classroom  <> Milo Range Simulator  <> Live Range

For further information and videos please you can go to our website or checkout : or you can contact US Training Group Instructor Rod Chin (Co-Owner) Gold Mountain Training Consortium, directly at : 415 310-3230 

Take a Class

Contact Us

If you’d like to schedule a course or inquire about a private or group lesson, please contact us using the form below.